Frequently Asked Questions


Will there be a salesperson with me in the car?
No, by confirming your driver details in advance you will be able to enjoy a zero contact, zero pressure test drive. Simply arrive and drive.

Are there any age restrictions?
The registered driver must be 25 years of age at the time of booking.

Do I have to provide my driver license?
In order to provide a true no-contact experience the driver will need to confirm their license via secure ID check. If you prefer, you may check-in with the dealer upon arrival and present your driver license to retrieve the keys.

How do you protect my personal information?
As part of the booking process for your no-contact test drive, we will ask you to confirm your driver license for the safety and security of dealership staff. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest, and housed on secure Caisson third-party servers.

How soon after I book can I test drive?
Customers can access vehicles as soon as 24 hours after booking, this allows sufficient time to clean and prepare the vehicle for your test drive.

How many test drives can I book in one day?
There is no limit to the number of test drives you can book in one day. You may book multiple vehicles at the same dealership or multiple vehicles at multiple dealerships. Dealers will make every effort to provide a seamless experience to transition you from one vehicle to the next.

How do I cancel or change my reservation?
If you need to cancel or change your reservation for any reason, please contact us at with the title "Change" or "Cancel" in the subject line and your order number.

How are the vehicles cleaned for my test drive?
Dealers clean and prepare all high touch surfaces in preparation for your test drive following local health and safety standards.


Where will I find the vehicle at the dealership?
When you arrive on location, your reserved vehicle will be waiting in a designated parking spot noted by our Stacauto Test Drive sign. Adjacent to your test drive vehicle will be a Stacauto Customer Parking space for you to park while you enjoy your test drive.

How do I access the vehicle?
After you have confirmed your driver details, you will receive a unique PIN the day of your test drive providing access to a lock box to retrieve the vehicle keys. The lock box will be attached to the Stacauto Test Drive sign in the designated parking spot and your PIN will be valid for the duration of your test drive booking. When your test drive is complete simply return the keys to the lock box and you are done.

What if I see another vehicle I want to test drive once I arrive at the dealer?
No need to make a separate booking, simply notify the dealer you are onsite for a Stacauto reservation and would like to have another vehicle prepared and they will make arrangements accordingly.

What happens if the vehicle is not in the parking space when I arrive?
Please notify a dealer staff member and they will be happy to locate your vehicle and make it available. In the event of this delay, your 45 minute test drive time will begin when you receive the keys from the dealer.

What happens if I receive the wrong vehicle?
We endeavor to provide a vehicle as similar to your preferred booking as possible, in some cases the vehicle specifications may not be available. If that is the case, the dealer will provide a comparable vehicle to your booking. If the vehicle provided does not meet your expectations, please notify the dealership staff and they will be happy to find one that meets your needs.


How long is my test ride?
Each reservation lasts 45 minutes beginning from the booking time. Your unique PIN code to access the lock box containing your vehicle keys is time sensitive and will expire following your allotted reservation.

What happens if my test drive goes over time?
If your test drive exceeds the reserved 45 minutes, you may be subject to reduced or limited access on future bookings. If you return and are not able to access the digital lock box, please return the keys to the dealer reception to complete your test drive.

How far can I drive?
Test drives are limited to a 35 mile radius from the dealership.

Who do I call if I have a problem with the vehicle?
In the event of an accident or any problems related to the vehicle during your test drive, please contact the dealership directly. Prior to each test drive, the dealerships contact information will be provided in the car should you require assistance.

What happens if the vehicle is damaged during my test drive?
During the test drive, the vehicle is operated under the driver’s insurance and liability and any damage or excess wear resulting therein will be the responsibility of the driver. Stacauto maintains a zero-tolerance policy for vehicle abuse, drivers deemed to have operated the vehicle in careless or reckless manner may be subject to fines and barred the platform.


How do I return the keys?
Upon return simply park the vehicle in the designated parking space and return the keys to the lock box using the unique digital PIN code provided and you are done. It is important you return the keys to the lock box as this marks the end of your test drive and returns the vehicle to the dealer’s responsibility and care. If you have any difficulty with your PIN code, please return the keys directly inside at reception.

Do I have to buy the car I drive?
No, you are not required to purchase the vehicle(s) you book for your test drive.

Will the dealer follow up with me?
After you complete your test drive, you will receive an email with a link to the specific test driven vehicle details and a contact at the dealer should you have any questions.

How do I purchase the vehicle I test drove or one similar?
Upon completion of the test drive, customers may walk-in to the dealership to speak with a dealer representative, contact the dealer through information provided in the vehicle, or respond to offer email received from Stacauto following the test drive.